If you’re white.

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I have noticed that many white people struggle to discuss race. I am not one of those white people. These conversations are vital to finding racial equality and ending systematic racism.

If I was to sit down with another white person to try and discuss the term, “white privilege,’ their tone will become defensive very fast and the entire conversation will become awkward.

The fact is being white comes with many benefits and advantages that other colors do not share. It does not mean that because you are white that you don’t work hard for what you have. Nor does it mean that you didn’t struggle. …

It’s nearly here!

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The election is nearly here.

I am very excited for it.

I am also very excited to see what happens in this next debate.

It’s hilarious to me that they have to mute microphones because Trump is too immature to show anyone respect.

I do not fancy myself a Republican or Democrat. I don’t really like either party because I don’t believe in a two-party system. The two-party system guarantees corruption and greed.

However, I could never in a million years vote for someone like Trump. He is terrible for the future of this country. Honestly, he is terrible for the future of the world. He’s a corrupt conman. …

Growing every day!

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I am very happy with this publication so far.

It is not growing as fast as I would like, but it is still growing.

I am looking to make more time for the publication.

I have created a Facebook group. It is for the publication, however I am looking to have any writer that wants to join, join. The point will be to help each other grow and promote our work.

I also have the website up and running now. It started as just a website for myself, however I added the focus blog to it. All posts here will be reposted there. Over time, this will build visibility. …

The truth about Facebook and fake news.

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Last November, Sacha Baron Cohen slammed the Facebook platform as “the greatest propaganda machine in history.”

According to Cohen, companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are the reason that “fake news outperforms real news.”

Facebook has allowed anyone’s voice to seem as credible as to that of a Nobel Prize winner. I understand giving everyone a voice in society, but giving credibility to those who truly don’t know what they are talking about is the one of the bigger risks of social media.

The amount of hate that is spread on social media is also quite disheartening. Mark Zuckerberg tries to cover it up when he claims that “hate speech is actually banned on our platform.” Yes, you have taken a small step Zuckerberg, but let’s be honest here, you are just trying to cover your own ass. When you compare this measure to the influence and reach that Facebook has, they are not really doing that much to fix the issue. …

This is big.

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I have actually been struggling the past few weeks with this.

When I started on Medium, I was able to publish an article a day, sometimes two.

Lately, that is not the case.

I have been so busy with school and work… that it seems I have become a bit burnt out.

So, I took some time to try and figure out how I can get back to my writing without feeling burnt out.

After I figured out what I needed to do, it blew my mind how easy it really was…

Getting focused is half the battle.

I didn’t even realize how much time I was wasting trying to write when I wasn’t even focused. …

All listed here for your convenience.

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I just recently voted.

Every election is important, but I find this year’s election to be very, very important for our country’s future.

I have came to the conclusion that if you are voting for Trump… you are voting for chaos, hate, and division.

If you are voting for Biden, you are voting for unity, decency, and empathy.

Honestly, Bernie Sanders would have been my pick. Either way, I refuse to vote a grown child back into office.

So, I voted for Biden over Trump.

I know the polls aren’t always right, but I want to go ahead a list the state by state polls. …

Hope everyone is well!

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I hope everyone is well.

It has been a rather slow week for the publication. I have been quite busy with school and work. I had some exams this past week as well.

I also started the Focus Blog Site. I am in the process of reposting all of the current Focus articles to this blog.

I should have the complete blog up by the end of this week. I will post the link for everyone to see once it is done.

I will link all articles between the Focus blog and the Focus Medium publication.

I have also created a Facebook group for the Focus Publication and Blog. It is for all writers, though. The purpose is to help one another, network, and promote. I just started it, so there are no members yet. However, I welcome everyone to join here, and invite any writers you know. Let’s build a great community! …

We are looking to make a difference!

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In the Focus publication, we seek to make a difference through our words.

Whether it is helping one person or helping the world, it all matters.

I want to start making weekly and monthly recaps of articles.

That way there is always a list for every article to be seen as time goes on.

I also want to take the time to introduce all the new writers who join each week.

Here we go.

This week our publication published the following articles.

I also want to give a warm welcome to all of the new writers:

Jill zl

Insaf Ali


There’s no denying it now.

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Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th links Trump-era America to its racist past.

We all know that the 13th amendment was supposed to shut the door on slavery in the United States.

However, it left open a window of opportunity for those that still wanted to profit off of free labor.

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” –Thirteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution

The documentary 13th takes a look at the alarming amount of racism that exists in the criminal justice system today. …

An argumentative essay on the subject.

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I recently wrote an essay on why America should get universal healthcare.

I decided I am going to post that to Medium for others to read and response to.

I am a huge advocate for universal healthcare in America. It makes no sense for us not to have it. We should take care of all of our citizens. And economically, it is the smarter decision to make when compared to our terrible healthcare system now.

America Needs Universal Healthcare

First of all, the United States is the only first-world country that lacks some form of universal health care. Universal health care is defined as a basic guarantee of health care to all citizens. Many other countries view health care as a basic human right, while the United States views health care as a privilege. U.S. health care is merely another economic good, similar to a car or a television. Ironically, a country’s economy suffers when there is a high rate of uninsured citizens. One of the biggest threats to achieving the “American Dream” is health insurance that is too expensive. The United States can afford to provide universal healthcare and has a moral obligation to ensure all of its citizens have basic, adequate healthcare. It is a matter of providing the public with the truth, which is that a universal healthcare system would benefit the average American citizen and the economy. It is time for America to stop politicizing a moral issue. …


William Kosko

Believer in Fairness for All. Huge Ravens fan. https://williamkosko.com/

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